What is Cummins known for?

What is Cummins known for?

High Horsepower Leader

Cummins is known for its high-performance diesel and natural gas engines, power generation products, and related technologies. Here are some key aspects of Cummins’ reputation:

1. Diesel Engines: Cummins is renowned for its durable and reliable diesel engines, widely used in commercial vehicles, industrial machinery, and marine applications.

2. Power Generation: The company produces generators and power systems, catering to both commercial and consumer needs, including backup power solutions and continuous power applications.

3. Innovation and Technology: Cummins is recognized for its innovation in engine technology, focusing on improving fuel efficiency, reducing emissions, and integrating advanced technologies such as hybrid and electric powertrains.

4. Global Reach: With operations in over 190 countries, Cummins has a strong global presence, serving a diverse range of industries and markets.

5. Environmental Commitment: The company is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, actively working to reduce the environmental impact of its products through cleaner technologies and sustainable practices.

6. Customer Support: Cummins is also known for its extensive customer support network, providing parts, service, and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity of its products.