The first time to visit CCEC factory with clients

    I’ve been working in this company for 2 years now. The most impressive things happened last Summer when a UAE buyer whose name Mr. Ibrahim came for a visit. 

    Mr. Ibrahim is from India but he works in UAE for more than 20 years since young time, now he is about 50+ years old with long experience in Cummins diesel engine parts. He is my manager Jackson’s clients and I’m the assistant to welcome him and send him off at Chongqing Jiangbei Airport. Since 2016 we two company got in touch but he ordered once only. So why he came from Dubai to Chongqing with 8 hours flight? Later he will solve my doubt.

    At 11:30am we picked him up from Airport, and then we drive directly from Airport to CCEC factory. With reservation at one week before, CCEC Sales&Marketing Dept. one Manager Mr. Mi welcome us at the factory gate. Actually it’s my first time to visit CCEC factory with clients so I’m not so familiar with their visiting procedure. We showed them our ID and Passport, then changed shoes, glasses and clothes, and signed the visitor book, after all, we can enter the factory. Very strictly rules with a lot procedure. Why? Because CCEC as Cummins joint venture with the big power range from 175HP-2200HP, it follows the management of USA Cummins way and standard. With Strictly safety and working standard, they can keep the quality as USA Cummins standard too. CCEC with main engine model from M11, ISM, QSM, NT855 QSN, K19 QSK19 K38 QSK38 and K50 engine which match Mr. Ibrahim’s market too. Those models for big power marine and construction machine and generators, and what’s more, CCEC offer the genuine quality but lower price than genuine USA/UK Cummins parts.

    We followed Mr. Mi and saw M N K production line, then printing room, print drying area, warehouse and at last CCEC showroom, Mr, Ibrahim took some picture inside with the unfinished engine and door gate. Then we said farewell to Mr. Mi and drive 15 minutes to office.

    Now I got the answer: He told me, he can not trust Chinese supplier easily because so many fake supplier in China and once he got cheated from another supplier, over $20,000 money lost. It’s a very big money for me too, and what a shame when he said so as a Chinese.

    After visiting CCEC factory with our accompany and office, now he can trust us and decided a big order from previous inquiry. He was very happy for this visiting but the only pity is just one day stay, we can not go to Cummins Branch Warehouse to see the thousands parts stock there. Maybe next time!

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