XCEC cummins QSM11 – CM570 construction diesel engine

Application: Constructions, Mining Dump Truck(TEREX TR35A, BELAZ 7540K), Liugong excavator 948E 950E, Truck Engine

Specificationos For QSM11 – CM570 

Engine Type

In-Line, 6-Cylinder
(XCEC)Xi’an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
Rated Speed
Oil System Capacity
41 U.S. qt(39 L*)
660 cu in(10.8 L*)
Coolant Capacity
10 U.S. qt(9.5 L*)
Advertised Horsepower
290-400 hp(216-298 kW)
51.4 in(1306 mm)
Peak Torque
1050-1400 lb-ft
(1424-1898 N•m)
36.0 in(914 mm)
Bore and Stroke
4.92 in x 5.79 in
(125 mm x 147 mm)
50.4 in(1280 mm)
Turbocharged and Charge Air Cooled
Weight (wet)
2,170 lb(984 kg)
Oil temperature(℃)
Compression Radio
Constant load steady state volatility
Rated Power Production Tolerance


 The QSM11 fully electronically controlled engine is Cummins’ flagship product for off-highway use, with a displacement of 10.8 liters and a power range of 250-400 horsepower, enjoying a high reputation in the global construction machinery field. The engine has excellent reliability, durability, fuel economy and safety, etc., and is widely used in rotary drilling rigs, truck cranes/crawlers, mining vehicles, oil field equipment, port reach stackers, wheel loaders, rail cars and other fields of construction machinery.

Packing & Delivery

1. Cummins or CCEC packing
2. Neutral packing
3. According to customer’s request


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