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Genuine diesel engine assembly Cummins qsx15 engine

Specifications for cummins X15 engine

Advertised Horsepower
550 hp
/410 kW
Peak Torque
1450-1850 lb-ft
1966-2508 N•m
Governed Speed
2100 RPM
Clutch Engagement Torque
1000 lb-ft
1356 N•m
Number of Cylinders
System Weight
3152 lb
1430 Kg

Main Features

cummins X15 series engine product performance characteristics
* VGT Turbocharger – Highly reliable and precise design for rapid acceleration
* XPI Fuel System – High pressure enables multiple injection events per cycle for industry-leading fuel economy and quieter operation
* Single-Module™ Aftertreatment System – A compact and lightweight system that offers increased ash capacity and extended maintenance intervals
* Fleetguard Fuel And Lube Filters – Superior holding capacity provides better protection and enables longer service intervals
* High-Capacity Electronic Control Module – This allows full integration of data inputs from all subsystems, optimizing performance
* Cummins Engine Brake – With up to 600 braking horsepower, it’s the most powerful in the industry. Stronger braking capacity reduces wear on service brakes and replacement costs

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