Genuine Cummins pump engine KTA38 P1400

General Information of Cummins Diesel Pump Engine
Engine Model KTA38-P1400
Engine Type Mechanical Engine
Engine Structure 12 Cylinders, V Type
Displacement 37.7 L
Bore 159 mm
Stroke 159 mm
CPL Number CPL1542
Net Weight (with flywleel & alternator) 3719 kg
Overall Diemension(L*W*H) 2300*1700*2000 mm
Technical Specification of Cummins Diesel Pump Engine
Emission Euro I
Aspiration Turbocharged & Aftercooled
Fuel System PT-STC
Eletrical System 12/24V
Lowest Starting Temp.(with/without auxiliary system) N/A/-18℃
Engine Cooling Fluid Volume 117 L
Lubricating Oil Volume 129.5 L
Performance Data of Cummins Diesel Pump Engine
Max Power/Speed 1045kw/1800rpm
Max.Torque/Speed 6860 N.m/1500 rpm
Fuel Consumption @ Rated Power 197.5-213.4 g/kw.h
Min. Idel Speed 575 rpm
Max. Continuous Running Altitude N/A

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