Cummins diesel engine QSM11-C for Belaz 7540K

Application: Constructions, Mining Dump Truck(TEREX TR35A, BELAZ 7540K), Liugong excavator 948E 950E, Truck Engine

Specifications For CUMMINS QSM11-C

Engine Type
In-Line, 6-Cylinder, 4 Stroke
(XCEC)Xi’an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
Rated Speed
1800 RPM
Oil System Capacity
41 U.S. qt(39 L*)
660 cu in(10.8 L*)
Coolant Capacity
10 U.S. qt(9.5 L*)
Advertised Horsepower
290-400 hp(216-298 kW)
51.4 in(1306 mm)
Peak Torque
1050-1400 lb-ft
(1424-1898 N•m)
36.0 in(914 mm)
Bore and Stroke
4.92 in x 5.79 in
(125 mm x 147 mm)
50.4 in(1280 mm)
Turbocharged and Charge Air Cooled
Weight (wet)
2,170 lb(984 kg)
Oil temperature(℃)
Compression Radio
Constant load steady state volatility
Rated Power Production Tolerance


Main Features

The QSM Quantum System provides superior fuel economy with strong engine performance, engine protection and other programmable features. Components include:
Holset HX55 Wastegated Turbo – Designed for optimum boost, it improves throttle response across operating range.
CELECT™ Electronic Engine Management – Provides superior performance, fuel efficiency, diagnostics and prognostics using full-authority electronics. Its programmable features let you customize engine performance to equipment use.
High-Capacity ECM – New space-efficient Electronic Control Module packs ten times more memory and ten times more processing power.
Sealed Sensors – Fully sealed to resist water intrusion. Combined temperature and pressure sensors reduce inventory and simplify maintenance with increased reliability.
Advanced Combustion Technology – Optimized injector tips and a reshaped steel piston bowl improve fuel economy and emissions control with longer oil change intervals.
Articulated Pistons – Steel-topped pistons handle higher cylinder temperatures for improved fuel efficiency and emissions control.
The Auto-Tensioning Belt Drive – Self-adjusting for optimum tension, which increases fan, alternator and fan belt life.
Improved Camshaft Durability – Exhaust valve lobes are designed to improve wear tolerance. The injector lobe profile has been revised to optimize injection.

Packing & Delivery

1. Cummins or CCEC packing
2. Neutral packing
3. According to customer’s request

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