Long-term cooperation cases with clients in Kazakhstan

2014, We met each other on skype first time , as the Self-employed man named Msk,  who gave us first trial order US Dollars $1000 and second order at US Dollars $6000, become our first business partner in Kazakstan market.

2015, His partner Tyn, as an experienced diesel engine repair engineer, visited us and CCEC factory. Then we started deeply cooperation. They had more than 4 engineers mainly focus on repair Cummins engine in local maket,  and this year we got above US Dollars $20,000 from them.  

2016, It is a turnning year for both of our two company, we moved into our our new office and changed a new warehouse above 100 square meters. Everymonth there had 2 or 3 order from them ,  order range from 6B5.9, QSL9, QSB6.7, M11, NTA855 to K Series engine; market from local to Russian arean.  This year the order amount between us above US Dollars $100,000, then they already had good reputation in both repairing and sales in local market and abroad , and we become Cummins Authorized Dealer.

2017, This man Maskbrought his main engineer Turgyn visit Chongqing again,  this time we note only visited CCEC factory, but also Cummins branch office in Chengdu. We got strong help both in price and technical support directly from Cummins branch office, and they become more stronger and expeirence to serve bigger client from minning company, who has many big Cummins engine like, KTA50 and QSK60.  this year the order amount between our two company already above US Dollars $200,000

2018, They did a hard and right decision to invest most of their moeny into building Fully equipped working shop, and they strongly and 100% believe that they can serve the minning company with their direct Cummins part source and riched repairing experience.   

This is just one of our business partner abroad, we just believe each other, help each other, then we grew together.

We are ready to be your most trust worthy partner in China, what are you waiting for ?