Lebanese customer Mohamed

    On 2nd , June,2018 I received an email from a Lebanese named Mohamed. In his e-maill, he said: We are dealing in Genuine Cummins spare parts from USA & Europe since 1990.

    So many companies emailing from china to deal with us but we refused because they are not professionalin Genuine Cummins spare parts.We are interested in CCEC & DCEC spare parts.
From this e-mail, we started our further communication.  

    Mohamed sent me several inquiries, but never purchased from me. This is so strange. I thought he doesn’t believe China parts at that moment. So I invited him many times come to China and visit our factory. This is the only way to let he know China cummins.  One day he asked me about everything about China and China cummins. Finally on 24th October, he come to Chongqing, China.
We went to Chongqing cummins factory ( CCEC) together.He visited cylinder block processing workshop, engine production line. He was so satisfied with our factory.

    Then we went to cummins Chengdu branch. Had a meeting with cummins sales manager, and checked the every parts in Chengdu warehouse. He cared very much about the package, about the quality. He said it was good comparing with USA Cummins. He placed a trial order in warehouse immediately.

    Mohamed is serious for the work. He knows every cummins part number and price in USA. He compared every detail between China cummins and USA cummins, even Indian cummins .But he never purchased cummins parts from China. Even he thought China is so poor and insecurity. Ather his visit, he wants to promote cummins in China and use his 28 years of reputation to assure customers of the quality of China cummins and changed his mind about China.

    Seeing is believing. I sincerely invite him to visit us in Chongqing ,China.

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