how to lookup cummins engine serial number?

Here’s a useful website to search Cummins engines and parts information quickly:

On the left side is the directions: (I list commonly used ones)

  1. content for serial number( PSN.ESN/SSN),
  2. Part number supersession
  3. Content for generator set/alternator

Now you may know we should search serial number from the first direction. Here’s a blank and what you need to do is to enter the correct number.

Some friends may don’t know how to find correct engine serial number. You may find solutions from this direction—“How do I locate my serial number?”(it’s under first direction)

Reference: Abbreviations for Cummins serial numbers are as follows:

  • ESN – Engine Serial Number
  • PSN – Product Serial Number
  • SSN – System Serial Number

Then let’s move to directions from above.

You may find such detailed information as engine parts, service, warranty, my profile, products, promotions, news.

Take searching part number as an example.

Click “parts”, then click “option view”, you may get part number or other info. by part name.

Note: different places use different part names, so you need to be ready to try several times. For example, “water filter” may use the name of “corrosion resistor”.


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