Cummins diesel engine for Pump

Cummins diesel engine pump unit – efficient and reliable fire pump system

     Cummins diesel engine pump unit is a high-performance water pump system specially designed for fire-fighting water supply. It adopts Cummins diesel engine to drive the water pump, and has the advantages of compact structure, stable performance and convenient maintenance. The Cummins diesel engine pump unit can be quickly started in case of a fire, providing sufficient fire water to ensure fire safety.

Features of Cummins diesel engine pump unit

– Using Cummins imported diesel engine, powerful, durable and reliable
– Using high-quality fire pump, large flow, high head, high efficiency
– Adopt intelligent control system to realize automatic start and stop, fault alarm, remote monitoring and other functions
– Standardized design, in line with national fire protection standards and regulations

Advantages of Cummins diesel engine pump unit

– Connect with Cummins global service network to provide professional after-sales support
– Enjoy the original Cummins warranty to protect the interests of users
– With a variety of models and specifications to meet different occasions and needs
– Reasonable price, cost-effective